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Receive Your Shipments Faster with e-Delivery Orders

Avoid excessive paperwork and receive electronic delivery orders (e-DO) instantly to get your shipments released on time, all with ODeX.

Payments made are visible on ODeX and notifications are sent.
(Option to track NEFT / RTGS UTR No. received from the bank is available)

Based on the payment, shipping lines can generate a receipt and update it on ODeX.

e-DO generated from ODeX is available to CFS/Customer/Empty Yard.


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  • No Dependency on Emails or Paper With ODeX’s secured electronic documentation platform, your organization can eliminate unnecessary emails and paper documents that only create more confusion and chaos.
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  • Less Room for Errors Even the smallest mistake in the Delivery Order can lead to your shipment being stuck at the port. But, with a single copy of every document available on ODeX, you get better transparency and fewer errors.