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Reduce costs,save time, and process payments quicker

With ODeX’s secured and seamless online payment system, you can forgo the painful process of making payments through cheques, DDs, and wire transfers. ODeX provides a single and seamless platform to make and track payments online.

With detailed account reconciliation, payments are released quicker which leads to your shipments moving faster as well. Payment details are completely secure, giving you access to daily, weekly or monthly reports. Our goal is to help you manage payments for your shipments more seamlessly and substantially improve your company’s overall efficiency, by reducing TAT of cargo release

Shipping Line releases Invoice

Invoice gets visible at CHA/FF’s end

Customer makes payment through ODeX

Payment confirmation/visibility at Shipping Liner’s end


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  • Avoid DD’s and cheques Paying with DD’s and cheques is a lengthy process, and it can also take days for the payment to get remitted, which can, in turn, lead to your shipment getting delayed. ODeX allows you to make payments online in real-time, which saves processing time and resources.
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  • Better transparency With a single platform to track all your payments and an electronic paper trail of all the receipts, you are able to increase your business’s efficiency by eliminating the need to check every payment's status manually.
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  • Quick confirmations from shipping lines ODeX has partnered with shipping lines and NVOCCs. We ensure that your payments get cleared on time so that your shipments can move quickly.