Online Document eXchange


  • Enables online verification and submission of VGM as per SOLAS and D.G.Shipping regulations
  • Ensures transmission of EDI (VERMAS) to Shipping Lines/NVOCC on real time basis.
  • EDI integration with weighbridges and Shippers to ensure Secured and Real Time VGM submission.
  • Seamless VGM data flow in e-Form13/Pre-Gate to reduce data entry
  • Ease of tracking VGM data at a single place.

e-Form 13

  • ODeX assists in online transmission of eForm-13 request to the relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensures secured visibility of mandatory attachments to respective authorized stakeholders.
  • Automated notification & alerts, thus reducing follow-ups.
  • Reduces the time and cost, since no dependency on manual process across the value chain.


  • Quickly request invoices and ensuring not missing out on any mandatory important attachments.
  • Efficient tracking of invoices, thus avoiding delays caused due to manual process & email communication.
  • Reduces the infrastrucure and resource cost at the invoicing and collections center.
  • ODeX ensures validation of KYC (Know Your Customer) information with necessary compliant documentation.


  • Flexibility to select single or multiple invoices while making payment.
  • Choose from various payment options. ODeX has partnered with the leading Banks so that you can choose your preferred bank and the payment method.
  • Maker and Checker feature allows secured two step process of initiating and approving the payment.
  • Eliminates sensitive cash collection and cash management process. ODeX ensures near real time payment confirmation.
  • ODeX reminds and ensures timely accurate payments promptly, hence avoiding any possible delays.

e-Delivery Order

  • Real Time visibility of Delivery Orders released in a secured manner by respective Shipping Liner.
  • ODeX reduces the hassles involved in managing the counters without hampering the on-going process.
  • ODeX reduces waiting time at the counters.
  • Secured & Authorised view of D.O to various stakeholders involved in the entire process.


  • Facilitates online transmission of e-HBL filing on a single platform.
  • Ease of tracking and submitting HBL information and attachments.
  • Efficiently managing HBL data as per the respective MBL.
  • Reduces the dependency on manual and duplicate data entry.
  • Eliminates the physical submission of HBL, thus saving time and cost.