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Automated, auto-weighed and accurate VGM

ODeX makes obtaining a VGM incredibly easy thanks to its integration with weighbridges for automatic weighing, and agreements with over 85 shipping lines as well as ports all around India.

SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea), an initiative of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), has made it mandatory for shippers to provide a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) certificate, without which packed shipments aren’t allowed to be loaded on board vessels. To get a VGM certificate, you would have to first find the exact weight of your shipment from the weighbridges and then use relevant documents to apply for it.

But, with the entire process digitized through ODeX, all you need to do is click a few buttons to get the VGM certificate ready for your shipments.

CHA/FF/Shipper submits VGM on ODeX

Notification/Visibility at Shipper’s and Liner’s end

Notification/Visibility at Shipper’s and Liner’s end

Payment confirmation/visibility at Shipper’s end


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  • Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) Certified secure website Certified by DGS, ODeX follows all the necessary guidelines laid by DGS so that our customers can be relaxed knowing that their documentation are fully compliant.
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  • 85 Shipping Lines/NVOCCs and all India ports ODeX is linked to over 85 shipping lines and NVOCCs, making it seamless for your shipments to get through the gate-in ports with e-VGMs.
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  • Integration with weighbridges The need for manual weighing, and the errors associated with it, get eliminated since the weighbridges across shippers, CFS, ICD, and roadside weighbridges can auto send the weight to ODeX. Then, the same weight is used to generate a VGM.
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  • Seamless VGM data flow in Pre-Gate/FORM-13 ODeX can use the information from the VGM to generate the E-Form 13 when your shipment reaches its destination leading to a quicker and more incoherent release process.
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  • Never forget to update VGM Thanks to the mobile app by ODeX, you are no longer chained to your desktop and can update your VGM from wherever you are.